I grew up in a family that bought, remodeled and resold homes. In the 19 years I lived at home, we moved 21 times. I also worked my way through college as a General Contractor.  As you can see, I have been involved in the remodel and repair of homes most of my life.  And I am as old as dirt!

I realized there was a need for a company to do the small jobs that a general contractor would not do. So,I created R-A-H, Inc.

     Our formula is simple.  We charge a flat rate with a one hour minimum.  There is no trip charge!  There is no mark-up on materials, but we do charge for the time to go purchase the materials.  Therefore, you can save money by having the materials there and ready for us when we arrive.

     You are also invited to pitch in and help out.  Some people like to help out so they can learn more about a certain task or simply to save money.  Either way, we don't mind.

We have been in business and growing for more than 26 years, thanks to our wonderful customers and their referrals.

     We now serve Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio.  Our belief is that as long as we keep our prices reasonable and continue to provide friendly, professional and reliable service, we will continue to grow.

Thank You!

     Michael Sealy 


     My name is Michael Sealy and I am the proud owner of RENT-A-HANDYMAN,Inc. R-A-H, Inc. was created in 1989 to perform all those "Honey-Dos" around the house that you don't have time for, know how to do or just simply do not want to do.